Ancient Civilizations & Aliens

On the History channel is a show called Ancient Aliens. I tend to watch this show because I find it interesting as well as I like to scoff and argue with the theories they pose. We know almost nothing of our distant past. Everything that has been found to date gives us just a glimpse of history. What we have are constructs and items that have withstood the tests of time while anything that is vulnerable has been lost. This includes most of our ancestors knowledge. On the show they look at these ancient structures that have been perfectly sculpted and built for stellar alignment as well as solstices. Often they tend towards the thinking that this is way too advanced for the people of the age to do themselves and they wonder where they got their knowledge from. Rock art and etchings often show clues as to their speculations of the cosmos so often they tend to say that this knowledge then must have originated from a civilization not of this earth. Did ancient aliens visit Earth and teach the proto-civilizations how to build and gave them knowledge of how the cosmos works? I find this doubtful. As I stated before, we know nearly nothing of these people, this is all just conjecture and theories that people are working with.

Lets assume that everything is cyclical, from fashion, that seems to come up with the same concepts time and time again, to the nature of the atmosphere, to the very nature of a galaxy, why can’t knowledge and complexity of a civilization be cyclical as well. What if our ancient ancestors have knowledge that we do not possess today? What if this knowledge was lost in the passing of time? We just forgot. I think we often look at the ancients through the eyes of modern technology, a modern way of thinking. We cannot put ourselves into the mindset of an age that we have very little knowledge of. We as human beings are often limited by our own thinking. Just as we tend to be ethnocentric, evaluating other cultures according to preconceptions originating in the standards and customs of one’s own culture. are we biased by our modern thinking? Does this then affect how we perceive our ancient ancestors and their knowledge and technology? It is most likely so.

In my mind we need to stop conjecturing and just admit that there are many things out there that we do not understand and will not in our own lifetimes. We speculate and wonder, this is human nature, but we will never truly know the levels of civilizations on our own planet until we can travel back in time to observe.


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